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Literally everyone, ever. Including the writer of this definition.
You're all stupid people and I hate you.
by masokitsune January 17, 2019

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An asshole moth from Hollow Knight. Also the sun.
Radiance is too hard. She keeps killing me with the fireball attack.
by masokitsune April 22, 2019

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Contraction of “bad orb”. Often used to refer to Meta Knight.
You edgy, edgy borb.
by masokitsune August 29, 2018

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A form of death in which one is killed so hard that they loop back around to being alive again.
Asriel is the god of hyperdeath.
by masokitsune January 27, 2019

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A fancier term for “yeet”. Often involves a mechanical object of some sort.
Jettison the escape pods!
by masokitsune January 17, 2019

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