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Sunglasses that are bigger than the normal or standard size. The word "stunnaz" or "stunna shades" originated in Northern California, The Bay Area to be more exact.
I wear my stunna glasses at night.
I was with my niggas giggin, goin dumb with my stunnaz on.
Last night I was surffin my scraper with my stunna shades on.
by Paul From the SCO September 13, 2006
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stunnaz.... the infamous dark glasses that rappers have suddenly decided to rap about, after getting bored with cadalacs, rims, hoes, money and weed. (i don't hate rap by the way).
jagged edge just relaesed "stunnaz" - a song that one would expect to be about stunnaz. of course they are ALL wearing them - even if they look FAT with them on, or they DON'T SUIT THEM.
the girls have 'cleverly' made a dance in which they touch their massive glasses then lean wit it, rock with in.
in my opinion, these guys need to find something intresting to sing about.
rapper 1; i like this beat

rapper 2; wat da song gonna be about?

rapper 1; where u been - obivously rims and hoes!

rapper 2; nah man. how about them phat stunnaz!
by cynthia_s July 08, 2006
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ecstacy; thizz pills; e-pills: purple, red, xbox, playstation, purple spiders, playboy
damn! last nite i was rollin from poppin' them stunnaz.
by adder415 September 14, 2006
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