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"Elroys" was first introduced by The Bay Area Rapper E-40 to describe police, 5.0, cops, fedarales, rollers etc. It was used in the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
He come the elroys hide the trees.
The elroys tryin to kick down my door.
The Elroys released elroy jr.(k9 dog) on us.
by Paul From the SCO September 15, 2006
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Sunglasses that are bigger than the normal or standard size. The word "stunnaz" or "stunna shades" originated in Northern California, The Bay Area to be more exact.
I wear my stunna glasses at night.
I was with my niggas giggin, goin dumb with my stunnaz on.
Last night I was surffin my scraper with my stunna shades on.
by Paul From the SCO September 14, 2006
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