The Bay Area California! Any city's by the water that are steady getting taller.
Were you from! I'm the 'the bay' man!
by Surebimmer June 19, 2005
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Located next to the shore but reps much harder then the shore, their symbol is a celery stick and saying is 2 Poppin 0 Droppin. When Bay members greet other Bay members they must go Argalargalarga as if choking on celery sticks. Main rival is the Shore whose symbol is straight up Potatoes.
Trevor: "Aye waddup Derek, Argalarga."
Derek: "Not much just keepin 2 poppin 0 droppin on dat shore."
Jon: "They must be reppin The Bay all Day."
by Jon Deezy March 09, 2008
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One of three main hangout sites for the youth of Adelaide, South Australia. Also known as "the bay". It consists of a shopping area , a large beach. One of the most prominent activities is jetty jumping. Jumping off the thin metal girder is known as "candle stick".

The Bay is usually the site of many large celebrations on public holidays. These include; Australia Day, News Years Eve and Easter. On these days there is a large police presence and fights are common.

Is full of all kinds of people but the most common are wogs, trickers (people who perform parkour style tricks), bay sluts, long boarders ,and sporty guys. While these are the main members of the Glenelg community, there are also many minorities.

Is primary accessed by tram.
Guy#1:Dude its gonna be 35 on Saturday

Guy#2:Sweet, keen for The Bay?

Guy#1: Always keen for The Bay.

Guy#1: Hey Bro, you going Glenelg on Australia Day?

Guy#2: Course man!
by rodger the badger October 31, 2011
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A bay bay is a stupid phrase...who uses it anyway? Hurricane chris is just a poser rapper who got lucky.
by andii2 August 04, 2007
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Actually IS also the Japanese for "bye-bye". As anyone who speaks any language on Earth knows, there are a number of ways to say "goodbye" in every language -- and "sayonara" is but one in Japanese (and a pretty stuffy one, at that).

Seeバイバイ for concrete evidence.

Hey everybody, let's not talk about things we don't understand!!
じゃあね、バイバイ! (Jaa ne, bai bai!)
by suejak June 09, 2010
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the worst rap song published in the 21st century. This song sets back the black rights movement by atleast 20 years.
by rastajamaica90 August 26, 2007
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the gayest shit to be played on the radio
Hurricane Chris acts like he's bad ass cuz he sings "a bay bay"
by JMan37 August 20, 2007
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