word meaning exstacy pills.
needed when u roll.
e-tards are addicted to e-pills.
gurl lemme getta hold of em e-pills..
by CERTiFiEDSHAWTY February 12, 2005
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Just one of many slang terms for the drug known as ecstasy. Ecstasy is illegal substance in pill form that usually contain MDXX and are (unfortunately) often pressed/cut with other substances (fillers) which can cause harmful side effects to the mind and body.
The characteristics of these pills may vary.
A: "What kind of e-pills you got?"
B: "Some Single,Double,Triple,Quadruple,Quintuple - Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/White/Purple/Orange/Black/Brown/Pink/Magenta/Speckled - Dolphins/Ladies/Poke Balls/unmarked/etc."
A: "What's in them?"
B: "I dunno but they're good"
A: "OK, I'll take a boat"
B: *thinking* (Oh shit! An undercover.)
by R.I.P. Mac Dre. March 4, 2011
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E Pills Another Thing Like Extacy The Same Thing To Make You Extremly High /Horny As Ever Its A Drug Baby Extremly
Boy: Poped Mad E Pills Last Night And Was Tottaly Horny

Girl: What Are You Taking Baby
Boy:Take 4

Girl : What Are They
Boy Pills
Girl:Take 4 And There Extremly Horny Toghther
by SexiiIChickk123 January 9, 2011
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Behavior pertaining or similar to that of an E-Girl.

I.E, commitment issues, abundant amounts of simps, and ghosting.
You know that one girl?”
“Yeah, isn’t she on like the 3rd guy this month?”
“Yeah, she’s pretty e-girl pilled.”
by m3t4ll1c April 13, 2021
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