A rather attractive human of the male variety. Can be described as being 'good enough to eat'.
mmmm.... I can smell freshly baked studmuffin.

I had the best studmuffin last night.
by Becmond November 15, 2005
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Although usually used to refer to a very sexy heterosexual male , it can be applied sarcastically to a man who is acting an ass or being a bit dense.
OK studmuffin, how about you go play football outside the house before you break something.
by figginell December 30, 2013
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A guy who really should not be hot, but somehow defies the laws of looks and manages to be an absolute studmuffin.

STUDMUFFIN- sexy,cute,untouchable
That guy in the school band who you never noticed until he took his top off, then after that everything he does is amazing...especially if he wears a blazer ;) and all you can say is 'what a studmuffin.'
by Fireswan13 May 13, 2011
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a really hot person of the (heterosexual) male population
Jay's a real studmuffin- he's always got some girl drooling over him.
by helenrose919 January 26, 2004
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attractive male, heterosexual, unmarried but with possibilities
Grandma has a new studmuffin. (one of Janet Evanovich's books)
by Roslyn Nankivell June 18, 2003
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An attractive male who has let himself go and has gained a "muffin top".
Alex: I need to lose weight.
Joey: Yeah, you're such a studmuffin.
by HotPocketLover February 18, 2011
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