another word for COOL. Everyone wants to hang out with you because your Cool and Want to be noticed. A stud can mean being popular, cute, and HOT. but thats NOT all, a stud can be Very Talented at something like for ex: break dancing , tagging/graffing, ect...
Lynn: OMG your so COOL
James: no, i'm Not. You ARE
Lynn: No. its because i'm not a STUD like you. you STUD!
James: uhh...noo Lynn, i'm not a STUD because your WAY cooler than ME.

bubu: did you see ?
babu: see what ?
bubu: see that stud !
babu: what stud ?!
bubu: that BREAKER/TAGGER. he's soooo HOT. Hotter than my boooyfriend oh shoot. don't tell my boyfriend that please!
babu: haha, okay .
bubu: thanks!
babu: you're welcome, but i gotta say, ahh he's quite HOTT too ! heheeh
by lolala December 09, 2007
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A lesbian who takes a more dominant role in the relationship but can be attracted to femmes or other studs.
I like that studs swagger. Its masculine yet feminine at the same time.
by BlackChinaDoll March 03, 2009
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A lesbian that dresses in boy clothes. Most of the time has the ability to change another straight female's sexuality.
Damn that stud we saw at the movies was so cute.
by GayassGirl October 15, 2018
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A male porn star, or man capable of being a porn star.
A man who turns luck into erotic payouts
A man who can achieve where other men feel shame.
A male who can rub anyone up the right way.
A favorable nickname for a "butch" lesbian.(rarely used.)
You did it in an elevator with a stranger?- WHOAH STUD!
by Beamerlicious September 10, 2010
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a lesbian who dresses like a guy that has sexual or emotional feelings towards another female or femmes. Femmes usually go for studs.
Drea was a femme, therefore she liked Tazz, who was a stud.
by anonymously chosen April 05, 2006
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1. Male beast good for only breeding. (short version of STUpiD)
He is such a stud
by offendedbythisword October 01, 2011
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any lesbian female that dresses masculine.
"she's more of a stud than a fem."
by fag6969 March 28, 2020
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