Being 100% real at all times, regardless of how people feel. Staying true to your word and being more than just 100.
Boy 1 : Aye didn't you used to date her?
Boy 2: Nah, I don't know who that is.
Boy 1: Come on bro keep it 1k, you used to be in love with that girl.
by yunguziooo March 31, 2016
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The term 1k or any number w/ a "k" in it started way back from online games. The "k" is a short replacement for "thousand". For some instances , if you double the use of "k" in a number like "1kk" , it means raise the default value by a thousand which is 1 million (or 1M) in short.
Player A : I am selling a *random rare item* , also a *random rare weapon* pm me if interested.
Player B : how much is one for the item ?
Player A : 1k each.
Player B : How bout the weapon ?
Player : 1kk (or 1M); negotiable.
by Vargeign July 11, 2008
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An Individual who is Real, loyal, strong value and morals, solid, and trustworthy
Also meaning its 1000% percent truth or honest
“Wes is 1k fasho he aint never did no flaw shi”
Boa keep it 1k you aint really cut like that
by Wes1k November 12, 2021
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A way of showing that someone on myspace has 1,000 friends.
Often wrote at the end of a name for myspace popularity.
ex. - This can be shown as 42k OR 42,000 friends.
cole - Did you see MattMURDER on myspace?
janelle - Yeah, he only has 1k! What a LOSER!
cole - I know right?
janelle - obviously... I have like... 39k.
by cole.train February 22, 2008
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$1000 in cash.
Guy 1: "Give me all your money!"
Guy 2: "I'll give you $1k!"
by ZKDev October 14, 2019
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Google says, in 1k, the K stands for kilo. Nowadays it's easier to associate "K" with kilo because it's part of the universal metric system. And everyone uses the abbreviation "K" But using 1K for describing things like money year and followers etc. is originally an American thing. Using "K" as as the abbreviation for kip. An American unit of measurement used in architecture.
I made 1K last week with my new business.
by DaasGoood April 30, 2019
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Teenage recording artist hailing from Bakersfield, California. 1k's freshman mixtape, Backpack Full of Blunts, was enjoyed by nearly 15,000 listeners. A Stoner's Story, his 2nd tape, will be released late 2015, early 2016, along with visuals from Rex Arrow Films.
1k Watts just dropped his latest song, Life of a Stoner!

- Whatever happened to Ashley's Pain?

Shit, he's a pothead now.. Makes smooth, groovy music for stoners.
by WeedxRapxBooty December 3, 2015
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