Non STI bumps or "studs" on a mans dick. they are actually inflamed sebaceous glands, that even though they look like they could be something, are not.

Most people agree that these make sex more enjoyable.
He was great last night, he even had studs!
by ChristianSoldier99 June 14, 2009
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(N.) In a lesbian relationship, the stud has the more aggressive mentality (in most cases).

A "stud" typically dresses more masculine, and enjoys the normal "man" activities (ie. watching sports, hanging out, fucking).

A "stud" is stereotypically used to describe a black masculine lesbian, as most white masculine lesbians are considered "butch".
Hey, did you know that Tammy has a new stud?
by Lia' January 27, 2004
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A studdy studding stud lad who studs women. All whilst looking stud.
Look at his hair, what a studding studcut
by Studding stud May 05, 2011
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A white dude who has the "magic" to get any chick he wants.
"Dude, check out that dude. See all them girls around him? That dude's a pimp." "Nah, dude. That dude's white. He's a stud."
by footballstud580 April 03, 2004
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A dominant lesbian who is usually in control of the relationship. They fuck their girls with straps. A stud will always have a femme girlfriend.
Studs are so fuckin' aggresive but they sexy as hell.
by Philly Girl August 18, 2003
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1. a very masculine (and generally young) male person: a guy who is very strong, handsome, buff and/or atheletic: a handsome young jock
2. a boy or young man, not necessarily atheletic, who is quite academic in school: a very studious young fellow (altered after 'studious')
The football star was a total stud and got all the nice young ladies after the game. The stud always got A's in math.

NOTE: conventionally, this term only applied to males when it became in vogue in the 1970's among American youth culture. It never really should be applied to females.
by Jon64Bailey January 06, 2009
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A female/lesbian who dresses in male style clothes or baggy/long clothing.
Kim is a stud because most strangers think she is a guy, because she dresses like one.
by Vals.Ko May 26, 2009
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