A physiologically heterosexual female who wishes she'd been born a boy. She feels alienated by the social standards of gender roles. She may be a crossdresser or consider herself transgendered, but she is probably not transsexual. Her ideal would be to be able to be her masculine self in a relationship with a biological male. If she is open about this, she may be ridiculed by both the gay and straight communities.
Ruby is a female gay
by Nigga26727 September 28, 2013
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saying created by mya dimock- “female gay squirrel” used in the sentenceok female gay squirrel “ oey gets called that a lot
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When a female that is gay likes another of the same gender and proceeds to simp heavily
Angel is such a gay female simp she needs to stop
by Lilasianbouy March 23, 2020
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A heterosexual identifying cis gendered woman who dates human beings who identify as men.
“I’m taking this straight-gay female on a date today! I’m excited!” Tommy stated to his friends as he got his hair cut.
by Prettybabetheone March 20, 2021
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Man, char looks like a Gay female.
by Characteristicks November 20, 2020
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