When one consumes absurd quantities of food as if by enhailing the edibles. Derived from Sally Struthers, who you may have seen in all those Save the Children Ads.
Wow, I just struthered down a plate of ribs, a half-dozen wings, a bbq pork sando, and a pitcher of Blatz.
by Punitive D March 15, 2005
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When penis(and or balls) are forced into your field of view by way of unavoidable circumstances.
Dude, I was pinned in. I wasn't meat gazing, I got struthered.
by Lawrence Funderburke January 7, 2012
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Scottish in origin, meaning a low lying boggy place.
We came across a struthers in the scottish highlands.
by Chris Struthers May 15, 2005
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A person who acts like they know everything about body building because they saw it on tv or read it in a magazine and probably does full body workouts too often.
Don't listen to Jimmy Struthers
by dvwinner December 24, 2011
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BO can be smelled at the border of Struthers, Ohio.
by The Underarm Ohioan December 20, 2010
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When someone asks for money for a supposedly good cause, then you find out it was for something stupid, and not what it was intentionally loaned to the person for.
Me:Dude, Barbara is such a bitch.
You: Why?
Me: She pulled a Sally Struther on me
You: I concur. What a total bitch
by hhcdhull March 2, 2009
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The act of accidentally burping up some puke on a vagina while going down on a woman and proceeding to continue to eat out the pussy, vomit and all, as if nothing happened.
Dude, I had Mexican earlier which led me to totally having a struthers.
by Liddz October 20, 2020
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