bog-ee, baw-gee


A person, whom has consumed vast quantities of alcohol and has become upset and or angry with people for no apparent reason.


2011; Middle English boggee. See bog1 , -ee2
Damn that girls boggy!

What's this I hear about you saying something to someone who said something to someone else about me been boggy!

You Boggy lil biatch!
by Cuddly Rob August 09, 2011
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To get mad; to feel pissed off or offended.
Try to jump my crew if you cats feel boggy, you need to wake up and smell the damn coffee.
by Ruel May 18, 2005
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Someone who is difficult to distinguish if they are a boy or a girl, so they are just a BOG, or Boggy.
Shitass Bankteller: Dude, is your cousin a boy or a girl?
One soon to be nicknamed Boggy: She's a girl, dude.
Shitass Bankteller: So she's a Boy Girl...a BOG...we should call you BOG...Boggy.
Boggy: Dam.
by VSkizzle February 02, 2007
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