Skye: A name for a beautiful girl, She can be your best friend or your worst enemy. She is very loyal and will fight for what she believes in. She tends to have a temper and attitude, she keeps her temper under control most of the time. Skye gets along with almost every one, She is usually a quiet person but when she's with friends she's the loudest. She has a funny random sense of humor, Skye is always there when you need her. She is one of a kind, If you are lucky enough to find a Skye never let her go, She is a friend that is irreplaceable. Skye has a heart of gold though it may not seem like it.
Friend1:"Skye is the best, she was there for me when my boyfriend broke up with me." Friend 2:"Yeah I know right, she has a heart of gold she never stops giving."
by Gold heart December 18, 2016
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She have a very ethnic look to her and she is very loyal. She can always tell when someones being fake. She can be shy sometimes when it comes to meeting new people but when she opens up to you she is the funniest person you will every talk to. She will stand up for her friends no matter what. She is a goody goody. She hates getting in trouble. She is a very bright person who wants to be powerful when she gets older. She'll do a good job in a business career. She likes being the center of attention when it comes to her friends, but when it comes to new people she doesn't know she hides in the crowd. She's very athletic and likable. She can NEVER stop smiling, even when she's in a bad mood she can always find something to be happy about. She likes fashion and making a good impression on people. If you ever meet a girl named Skye and don't become friends with her you'll regret it. She's beautiful and such a good friend. She'll stand by you no matter what and help you out with what ever you're having trouble with. She hangs out with girls who are fashionable,athletic,loyal,and nice. She is very open minded and doesn't like leaving people out. She tries to be nice to everyone because she knows that if she's mean it will come back and haunt her. She can be very stubborn sometimes. She likes being in control and she wants everything to be her way. If you want a friend who will never leave your side, Skye is the girl to find.
Example 1:
Guy1: Dude have you seen Skye?!
Guy2: Yea dude, she's so hot

Example 2:
Girl1: Skye is so nice and pretty
Girl2: I know right, I hope we become friends
by SkyeIsGorgeous March 3, 2015
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Skye is a beautiful and confident girl. She's very smart and loves to learn. She has very beautiful smile but doesn't like to show it. She is beautiful in the inside and out. She's a very loyal friend and will always be there for her friends. She will always go out of her way to make her friends happy, even if she's not happy herself she would rather see her friends happy then her self. She is very helpful and is willing to help anyone in need. She might have hurt you once of twice but she doesn't mean it she's just very confused. She has many amazing qualities but also many flaws. She loves and cares for all. She love to hangout with her friends and party all through the night. Skye loves adventures and having fun.
Omg is that Skye. Her smile is so beautiful!
by Crazygirl9015 December 13, 2016
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A caring friend who is always there for you. She's has a smile that lights up the room. Just with a single smile it can make you feel much better. Is cautious over how she looks and never realizes how beautiful she actually is, inner and outer. She cant ever get enough of spending time with her family and friends. She is reserved and needs to stop bottling her feelings, and trusting others more. She keeps to herself and is always there for others when all she needs is someone for her. She always keeps a big smile on her face but underneath she's not always that happy cute girl she pretends to be. She concentrates in class and is continuously asking questions. She puts school before friends. She is a great secret keeper and someone to spill all your problems to. She is there when you need her and never gets sick of others and what you have got to say. Along with that she is a great socializer and a great party person.
Girl: I don't know what to do!
Skye: Don't worry, if it gets worse i'm here for you. Just go with it and if anything goes wrong, i'll be at home with the phone by my side.
by Abby Greenwood October 15, 2012
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Skye is one of the most super hot people you will meet. She is so funny and always has great banter when you're with her. Can cheer anyone up just by smiling at them. Even though Skye does not get all the guys as soon as one gets to know her they think she's so Loyola caring amazing and so damn pretty and hot. She has the best figure with a nice ass and big boobs. You can trust a skye with anything.
Guy:damn who's that
Girl:that's skye she's so fkn awesome
Guy:I need to get close with her
by Bitchezzzz123 June 18, 2015
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One of the most amazing and awesomest people in the world. She is sweet and fun and most of all loyal. She puts a smile on for you even if she's not feeling the happiest because she cares for your happiness more.
Look - there is my wonderful friend Skye. She always has a smile for me.
by Lbella February 2, 2010
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Usually a tall girl. She is a dancer or singer. (She enjoys "performing") Sometimes a Skye can be a bitch, but she can also be one of the most fun people to hang with. Skye is usually so funny it can make the people she knows pee there pants. She also has lots of anxiety but hides it so people don't realize. Overall a person named Skye has a great personality. She also has hung out with plenty famous people.
Person- Dang that girl seems so cool
Person 2- man she must be Skye
by ArianaGrande October 20, 2013
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