The best of the highland clans, loved to party and the chiefs would have sex ten times a day, Finn was chief of the Macphersons for over 40 years. This clan invented the word skite.
he likes to party like a Macpherson on christmas day.
by BlueBoyy October 25, 2009
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Scottish sex god, with balls of steel and nothing to lose. Mess with this mo'fucka and you anus will be ripped into the next dimension by his MASSIVE 10 TON COCK. Gaelic legends somtimes refer to Macpherson as the creator of orgasms and titty fucking.
Fag 1: My cock is so big Macpherson is jealous
Fag 2: NO WAY
by Santiago has no penis October 14, 2010
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Family's last name,

The last name of an inbreed family all of them are mentally challenged and have family orgies cause they love their moms hairy nipples in their mouth.
Is he stupid no he is a Macpherson
by Joeboo October 15, 2016
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That guy who is a secret closet homosexual who loves Golf , Skating and Crazy Eagles. When other males talk to him they often become erect. Is often well known for only finishing half a job, half the time.
by ScoobyFarkenDooku May 08, 2017
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An awesome friend. Good natured, generous, and caring.
He was the best buddy you could ever ask for, a true Glen MacPherson.
by laffguy February 05, 2010
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An old aussie model, (about 45 yrs old) with a weird 'calm' voice, she has had quite a bit of surgery, (so she now looks like a older heidi montag) (ew). She also hosts BNTM
person1: what the f*ck, is that the aussie model from britains next top model?

person2: i think it is... elle macpherson right?

person1: she looks like shi*t O.o
by Brit Girl August 30, 2010
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A Scottish clan. MacPhersons have many different spellings, (though we all know the true one is MacPherson) and is known to be one of the biggest clans in Scotland.

MacPhersons were part of the Jacobite War, and many other. One time, the MacPhersons were late to a battle, and when we were told off, we massacred those who disagreed with our need for beauty sleep. (we're sorry, Camerons, but we needed it!)
Person 1- "The MacPhersons are the best clan out there!"
Person 2- "I disagree. What about the Cam-"
Person 1- *stabs* "We. Are. The. Best."
by LookinForPizza November 29, 2020
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