The nickname given to, but not limited to, a white male with red hair.
"Hey my name is Justin."
-"Dude you got red hair..."
-"Your new name is Stanly."
by Jeff Fring March 20, 2008
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It is a state of condition where you have been orally or physically played and manipulated
either to give your undressed body or to tag along with him that may earn you an NTE (Notice to Explain) later on to a sweet talker boy.
ex. 1 = "Did you know that girl wearing skirt was STANLIED before?"

ex. 2 = "Don't go with him! He will ask you to accompany him to the bank and you will be STANLIED!"
by Kuya Jay October 10, 2019
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poseur, copycat
Originated from a student in South East Asia that likes to copy other people's style, catchphrase, trademark, etc.
You are so stanly!
by Anti-Skema May 16, 2009
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to cover up someones mouth with tin foil than take a dump on the tin foil so the reciver only gets the steam.
Dude I just gave that bitch a Stanly Steamer
by Stanly May 20, 2005
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When your not paying attention during a fight and you get donkey punched in the back of the head.
Stanly: yo fight me
Austin: nah im ganna leave

Stanly: fine bitch
Austin starts to walk away
Austins getting stanlyed when hes not paying attention
by hen house March 20, 2015
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when a male and female have sex in a steam room, and both have overly grown body hair, and it becomes steamy.
we had a stanly steamer in the steam room.
by blaine hughesss January 29, 2009
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when u are having a three some and you fuck one girl up the ass n all the nasty shit juices soak's in to your dick skin and u fling it at girl #1s stomach and then girl #2 shits all over Girl #1
ROB: yo u no that dude kinkey kelly?
JOHN: is that the dude from that movie?
ROB: yeah it is you no he give stanly steamers now.
JOHN: WTF thats some kinkey shit
by Rob n John February 6, 2009
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