Seriously, Not joking, For-Real
Jack: Yo, I was fuckin up EVERYONE in that place, like legit.

Jeff: Dude, like legit, you need to cut the bullshit
by NYWordz August 7, 2010
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Jennifer: today like I went to Starbucks, but like I got so hyper later on because I like drank coffee this morning already. like literaaaally hyper. I couldn't stop talkinggggggg. I was like a legit parrot the whole day. Literally. Like i'll never drink so much eeein a daaaay.

what i heard: like literally legit
by emshath April 11, 2016
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When someone likes a post on Facebook that isn't family. It's a legit like.
"I already have 15 likes on my Facebook picture!"
-"Yea but 2 of them are from your parents, those aren't legit likes."
by Happy4 May 17, 2014
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