Having a 9 and a 2 in a poker hand, particularly in Texas Hold'em.
I can't believe you stayed on a Streeter!
by RobbyPants June 24, 2007
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A homeless person who lives rough on the streets. Also a street begger.
"Kid: Oi streeter, get a job!
Man living rough on the streets: Get one ya'self spange!"
by fal_ September 4, 2006
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A title. The name someone is given by birth or by acquisition of respect for balls in any given situation (see 'cojones'). Being "Streeter" requires not only the aggressiveness of a physical tycoon, but also the control of a mental giant, no matter the given situation. Being "Streeter" is essentially taking on the role of a guru in every aspect of life, willing to teach, as well as learn. Also, a fixer for problems, big and small, almost for the sport of it. Are you "Streeter"???
"Shit dude i messed things up with my girl bad. i think we're going to break up."

-"Call Streeter. Tell him what you did. You're going to be fine."


"Streeter, that cop just saw us! We're fucked!!!"

-"Relax man. Take the next 2 lefts and drive the speed limit. Then pull into wawa. I'm hungry."
by life's fixer July 5, 2011
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a person who is an idiot. Similar to the invective raasclaat.
"Streeter! Why did you crap on my car?"
by Puchley September 12, 2008
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A person or people from the street who hang out or loiter or come from a drug abuse or alcohol abuse background.a the gangster or mafia member or mob member.
Look at how many Streeters we have to look at everyday.
by rafael e Reyes March 20, 2018
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Aka: House husband, male gold digger

Any guy that marries a woman for her bank account as opposed to looking for love.
I'm gonna pull a streeter on this one. You're gonna be my underwhelmingly attractive money pit, boo.
by Ambriel November 11, 2011
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Basic fuckboy or fuckgirl who loiters onto streets while trying to look different than others.

Those specimens are usually present in the streets of big cities.
Steve: John, don't watch, there is a streeter right behind you!
John: She is a basic streeter.
by Lukethestreetobserver July 14, 2022
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