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A website loaded with hyperlinks, guaranteed to trap the view for hours, especially if viewing with a tabbed browser.
I followed this link to TVTropes and was stuck there for hours. Each link I clicked on ended up leading to me clicking five more!
by RobbyPants September 03, 2009
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To pay a price that you deem high or unfair, but failing to pay the price often results in dire consequences.

Based on the story of the Pied Piper, who removed the rats from a town, and when not paid, he took their children instead!
Don't you know the Mafia collects protection here? If you want to run a business in this town, you have to pay the piper.
by RobbyPants June 01, 2007
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Holes you put in the hood of your car with a pickaxe to (supposedly) make it go faster. These holes may also be installed via sniper fire.
Ned: Whatcha diddely-doin', neighbor?

Homer: Aw, putting speed holes in my car. Makes it go faster.

Ned: Is that so? Well, gee, maybe the old Flanders-mobile could use some
by RobbyPants May 30, 2008
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Acting on assumptions or partial information.

Based on old firearms, that if not fully cocked (thus half cocked), would not fire.
You've only heard his side of the story! You can't go running around half cocked spreading rumors about her!
by RobbyPants June 05, 2007
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A self-given nickname for Hillary Rodham Clinton, given when campaigning at the WWE. Probably not one of her best ideas.
"I'm Hillary Clinton, but in honor of the WWE, you can call me Hillrod!"
by RobbyPants April 22, 2008
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Having a 9 and a 2 in a poker hand, particularly in Texas Hold'em.
I can't believe you stayed on a Streeter!
by RobbyPants June 23, 2007
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The name given to a buzzkill.
"I think you've had enough."

"Thanks for the advice, Buzzkillington."
by RobbyPants September 21, 2011
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