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a girl who engages in fuckboy behavior, generally thinks they are god's gift to the earth and use words like "thirsty" "salty" "fuckboy" and "hater"
Dude that chick rejected you? Who cares, she's just a fuckgirl, plenty of good girls left out there.
by trillzill420 May 17, 2016
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Damn homie his fit is fire as fuck.
by eggski May 06, 2020
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the related def. of "fuckboy" for a female, most females today are like this
dude is Marcy still playing games with you? tell her to bugger off, you don't need that fuckgirl in your life
by trillzill420 December 27, 2015
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The female version of a fuckboy. They don't catch feelings. Enjoys being single so they're not tied down to one guy in particular. Talks to multiple guys but may have one "bae" in particular they're actually interested in who they want to be with the most which most likely they will refer to their "situationship"
Jessy is such a FuckGirl, stay away from her!
by Ohmylanta87 August 30, 2015
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A girl that thinks she's hot shit. She's a little conceited and likes to make you think that she's for real when she's really just playing with your head for amusement. It's a game to her and she's really good at convincing everyone that it's not and that she really cares about you. She's the kind of girl that will try to get back with you just to feel like she's winning against someone else, and so no one else can have you. She might seem to care, and she might even care a little, but she doesn't really REALLY care. Could probably end up winning best actress award for all the bullshit they fake.
When were broken up she acts like I'm all she wants and she misses me so much then when we're together she just fucks with my head and fights with me. It's just a game to her. She's a fuckgirl
by Kwhateverthen May 14, 2015
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a fuck girl is a girl who acts like a fuckboy expect she dosent ask for nudes instead she strings them along and uses other guys when shes already maybe dating someone
Wow look at Alex flirting with Joey and Austin when she's dating Louis! What a fuckgirl!
by harrysty1es February 10, 2015
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A girl who thinks shes hot and the shit and attempts to show it without trying but it is obvious that she is. They tend to be extremely unreadable and mess with guys heads. Though they claim to not be a hoe they're usually closet whores and will cheat. They will show no emotion to a guy that cares but fall in love with guys that just want to bang and bail.
He cheated on him for some asshole and he cared about her too. Thats what you get for trying to date a fuckgirl.
by Truthdefinitions1789 March 02, 2015
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