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When a male inserts his penis into another male while strapped to his chest using the strapped up males erect penis to have intercourse with another male.
Me and my buddy went Jock-Strapping last night, Its was Amazing!
by Jamsack January 16, 2021
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"I done been having had the strap" is used to explain the length of time you been having had the strap
"Bro how long u done had that?"
"Nigguh i done been having had the strap for a while now"
"damn bro"
by Idonebeenhavinghadthestrap February 14, 2022
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Where girl friends give their boyfriends a bra strap bracelet
Hey babe happy national bra strap bracelet day can I have thys bra strap made out of thys bracelet

Yes you can
by la real 1 August 8, 2022
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An off-road strap with no structural integrity. Commonly broken on the first attempt while attempting to recover a stuck vehicle..
Guy in stuck truck - hey can you pull me out, I have a strap.

Girl in jeep- that's a dinky strap; here,I have a better recovery rope
by SSHandler June 1, 2016
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A dirty strap is a gun that has been used to commit a crime or multiple crimes that can be traced back to that gun through ballistic testing or other methods if found on you.

It’s called a dirty strap because a strap is a gun and when it’s used in a crime it becomes “dirty” because if you get caught with it and it’s traced back to you you get the charge even if you didn’t do it you got caught with it dirty so it shows you likely did it and you’ll have a field day in court trying to prove otherwise.
A:”Did you hear about Jesse? They found him with a dirty strap and gave him 15 years for a shooting the gun was used in even though he didn’t do it.

G:”Damn that’s why I throw mine away the day they get dirty I just drive over to the bridge over the river but it in a bag and throw it in the water and bam dirty strap is gone!”
by XIV Soldier July 10, 2022
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Bra strap is something that cannot be shown in public. If it shows its an oopsie moment for a woman ! A woman showing bra strap should be imprisoned for such a dreadful act!

The opposite of Bra strap is underwear strap of a man that is absolutely okay to be seen in public.
Omg your bra strap is visible ! You are such a criminal.
by Panther Nova November 24, 2021
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A food..
Those beef straps taste good.
by Anonymous September 9, 2003
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