The strap on the back of the popular shoe brand “crocs”. Is usually worn by a middle aged father of three who has a soft spot for telling unfunny jokes.
“Hey Todd, do you use the daddy strap too?”
by TML88 July 8, 2018
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A whoop strap is a stick with a feather taped to it to "work out". The stick is usually placed in the Male's rectum making him say "whoop there it is"
Peter grabbed a whoop strap and I said no.
by Snack-Nack-nacky-nack July 1, 2020
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Velcro strap. Best used to describe a persons stupidity. A stupidity so great that you question their ability to get up and tie their shoes in a morning. They only logical answer is that this person has Velcro shoes in order to stop them spending their life scratching their heads.
He can't be that stupid, surely?
Seriously mate, Johns definitely a Velcro strap kinda guy.
by Riddler16 April 4, 2016
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