The handle in a car in witch you hang onto when someone is going extremely fast or doing something dangerous

Ex: He was speeding and Jane could do nothing but hang on to the Oh Shit strap.
Ex: He was speeding and Jane could do nothing but hang on to the Oh Shit strap.
by mie July 27, 2014
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1. Eyewear retainers worn by dads, even though they aren’t near deep water or the backcountry (e.g. full-time Croakies)

2. The back strap of one’s sunglasses, used as a chick magnet. (It does not, in fact, attract chicks.)
Hey, Dad! Your goomba strap is a little crooked.

Hide your woman! That man is wearing a goomba strap!”
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Typically used by paintball players. A term used to describe how high up a strap is on the back of your head for your mask. The higher the strap(s), the higher you swag. When someone is “high strapping” they are wearing their strap(s) super high up on their head, drastically increasing their agg.
Guy 1: “Look at how high up that guy’s straps are! He must be a pro.”
Guy 2: “IKR! That guy is high strapping!”
by Udivitel November 6, 2017
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A code word for contractors they use on the field to point a large breasted woman to fellow co workers.
Plumber 1. Hey James do me a favor and grab those hammer straps.

Plumber 2. Those are some rusty hammer straps.
by CaliGrown818 August 24, 2017
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When a ladies pubic hair makes a strap connecting her anus to her vagina.
I was hitting it from the front and saw a trail so I flipped her around to so where it goes. Girl had a damn Hooch Strap.
by shelooklikarbys March 29, 2020
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Something a hooker wears to get more money
She wore the hookers strap today
by UrMomsLastBF May 20, 2022
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