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An armed robbery is an act of stealing with a firearm equipped with you at all times. This is usually done with a group of people, but doing it solo will be really risky. It is not as complex as a heist, but is more complicated than shoplifting or just stealing in general.
Police: There is an Armed Robbery taking place at this location.
by NerdCan December 29, 2018
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Strap is another synonym for gun. It is used by rappers, gangsters, and people who occupy themselves in the Hood.
We gonna pull up on this guy, get ya strap! We gonna gun this n*gga down.
by NerdCan December 29, 2018
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A “2-1-1” is a police code for Armed Robbery. This term became popular by being used in several Gangsta Rap genre of music.
Police: There is a 2-1-1 in progress at this location.
In other words...
Robber: Yo, we gonna pull up a 2-1-1 at this location?
by NerdCan December 29, 2018
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