A strong, independent female from any culture. She brings Joy and lights up every room she walks into. Girls who either have the name Ceci or have it as a nickname are typically very humorous girls. You can never stay mad at a Ceci for long cause you'll miss their company.
Friend: Hey Ceci, wanna hang out today
Ceci: Of course girly, you already know. Let's go to the movies and look for some cute guys
by YogurlCeci March 16, 2019
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1. Term used for defining a female of extraordinary beauty.

2. Bomb ass hell.

3. Incredibly sexy.

4. Irresistible to any sex.

5. Good at cupcaking.

6. One fine ass ma.

7. Easy to fall in love with.
dang that homegurl aint neva gunna be as bomb as ceci.

dat bitch wish she was ceci.

girl:"she gunna be a ceci all ova yo man"
friend:"hell naw ill bitch slap dat hoe"
by aaron peckham October 17, 2007
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Certainly the best friend in the world, kind and loving, sometimes a little shy but incredibly fun, she'll always be there for you.

She's a rare friend to have and you most likely won't see anyone with this name.
Me: Happy Birthday Ceci!!!

Ceci: OMG you didn't forget it!!!
by GwennyGreen August 11, 2019
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A common nickname for a gorgeous Latina with a nice booty and an extremely warm vagina. Cecis are Indigenous to the Central American region of the globe.

2. A common nickname for a girl so beautiful that a man would never need Viagra.
Nice booty, and gorgeous, I bet that lady's name is Ceci!
by eightysixer January 3, 2015
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she mean to me plz say yes and get this on urban dictonary
Ceci dont mean
by PopcornMcgee December 9, 2019
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Cecially is a preppy rich girl who's dad makes cakes and churros at the Country Bakery. She has an IPhone X and has airpods. She did lose one in school once tho.
Karen: God Cecially is so annoying!!
Emily: I know right!!

Karen: She is so annoying when she brings her churros into class.
by resswaver69 April 8, 2019
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