Adjective that defines an Army soldier who, in either combat or casual settings: keeps perfect uniforms far above required standards, with no loose threads or stains or wrinkles, and all required insignia and medals exactly where they should be; and, has superb dignity and bearing, ramrod straight yet behaving with the ease born of confidence--in short, the model of appearance for all soldiers to follow.

The term was heard by this writer in 1977-1978 at Fort Bragg, NC, post-Vietnam era. It was considered the highest compliment that could be paid by one soldier to another. It was always given to male soldiers, as female soldiers were so few at the time and it tended to be a "guy thing." It might derive from one of a number of related words in old German, Dutch, or English meaning "tight," "tense," or "strict" (see "strak" in Wiktionary-dot-org).
"Listen up! Look at Sergeant Cooper here. This is the living, breathing definition of strack. Not a hair out of place, clean shaven, pressed uniform, boots so shined you could shave using them as mirrors. I want every one of you men to look exactly like him in formation tomorrow morning! Anyone who doesn't is going to do the Dying Cockroach until sundown! Do you hear me?"

"Man, you are strack!" "Hey, thanks."
by theangstguy March 9, 2014
adjective: means you have your shit together and you are by the book and you are ready to do your job. can be used for a person, place or thing
he runs a very strack business. his garage is strack, his car is strack, his room is strack, and he is strack. as in neat, clean, orderly and ready to produce
by poppakilo May 5, 2011
From Viet Nam era veterans. An extremely "gung-ho" trooper. Straight and squared away, full blown by-the-book soldier. Prone to being "fragged" by his hooch mates. The guy everyone hates.
Don't party with Lt. Dan, he's strack.
by USA522 December 29, 2007
Straack is an abbreviation for "straight on track". It comes from the early 70s.
The project is strack and we'll be done tomorrow.
by figfarmer April 4, 2012
an extreamly hot man with a very large penis... any other defenitions are made by fagles who have much smaller penises and are not nearly as hot
look at that stracke
by noremac ekcarts May 10, 2005
1. To make yourself look better via degradation of others.

2. To be a complete douche yet fool your supervisors into thinking you are at a level of acceptable mediocrity.

3. Socially awkward introvert with no meaningful benefit to society.
Dude he totally set you up so that you would look bad in front of your boss. You just got Stracked!
by bobby937 November 22, 2009
A world to describe a (straight snack). A word to say “I’m gay but I have a huge crush on a straight person!” The use of Strack typically refers to a more extreme crush on the individual.
Jerret is such a strack! He’s straight but if he wasn’t I would be all over him!
by Persondoingthingshere August 24, 2020