Men without balls who will answer yes to any query from their boss/superior regardless of the question's intelligence, bearing, or appropriateness. It is usually intended to farther the yes man's carreer by getting and staying on the boss's good side, but may have the opposite effect.

Yes men often ruin the productivity or usefulness in the department they work in, as they are unwilling to provide any form of original idea, opinion or more importantly criticism to their boss and thus contribute to disconnect between managers and workers.
I can't stand yes men, they get ahead but do nothing actually important!
by boohooohoo July 11, 2008
Hym “Yes, more yes-men and tomato-cans. That’ll be fun to watch. Hey what happened to the beetejuice rule? Where if I say something insulting 3 times you have to confront me? Mikhaila Peterson is a slut. Mikhaila Peterson is a slut. Mikhaila Peterson is a slut. There you go. And day now. Try and hurry up yeah, we’ll test your theory that I can’t do this in person.”
by Hym Iam November 8, 2022
Derogatory and somewhat sarcastic term used to refer the French
Thank god Putin's request for weapons and supplies was met , to then also agree to send the same to the Ukraine" Another passive surrender by the powerful yet humble European Yes Men
by Pom123 April 9, 2022