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1.) The activity of setting multiple couches pointing upwards and/or putting even more couches horizontally sat on top of those. Frequently performed done in the communal rooms of college living quarters.

Widely practiced at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, IN, Most likely originating in the Kappa Sigma house.

Stonehenging does not break anything, per se -- though the almost inevidable result is that someone drunker, clumsier, or more angry will pass by a stonehenged room and begin letting entropy run it's course.

2.) The process by which you set someone up for disaster without actually doing anything yourself.
Ralph and I were stonehenging Tau Iota Tau last night. It was rad. When I see couches, I think of duplos for grown-ups.

-Yeah, and then sandy came in real sloppy and went to town knocking everthing down

2.) Dude, you totally stonehenged me by telling everyone to smash bottles on my driveway. Now I can't move my car, and my feet won't stop bleeding.
by hiphopodyssey May 10, 2009
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Another way of vandalizing Porto-Potties, In This Definition, Stonehenging is a way to lift a Porto-Potty On Top Of A Picnic Table... (Such as how old cave men did when they found a way to lift heavy blue stones on to the top of the ruins at Stonehenge.) It Also Adds Confusion to the faces of people when they go ahead to use it. In order to do that without lifting the very heavy Porto-Potty on top of the table, all you have to do is tilt the Porto-Potty Forwards till you get about a 60 degree angle, and have one person hold the Porto-Potty. Then have another person tilt the picnic table enough so you can wedge it underneath the Porto-Potty.(This Is A Two Person Job)When both the Porto-Potty and the picnic table are at the same angle, slide the picnic table underneath the Porto-Potty, and lift the Porto-potty up with the picnic table. Then you slowly set the picnic table back on the ground. If you did it right, the Porto-Potty should be on top of the picnic table, high in the sky, to confuse the crap out of its next visitor.
Stonehenging another way to vandalise Porto-Potties
by TheDuDe8490 January 14, 2009
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