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When you and all your friends gets stonedand are situated in a tribal formation. You become Stonehenged.
(Adj.)"Me and friends are currently Stonehenged"

(V.)"Dude my friend got a new bong , let's go Stonehenge"

(N.)"Dude we are such a Stonehenge right now"
by 420Swagscope Fakey July 13, 2017
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When you're trying to hook up with someone, but people/friends around you don't realize and go on to surround you on all sides, making the situation as awkward as humanly possible while also making it impossible to leave without causing some serious commotion.
Dude, I was going to hook up with that chick but we got stonehenged the whole time.
by Ye110 January 03, 2011
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When an item you receive is much smaller than you anticipated when you ordered it (a la the Stonehenge model in "This is Spinal Tap")
Bruce: I ordered a poster off eBay but it was tiny. I thought it would be a lot bigger.

Steve: Yeah man, you got Stonehenged
by MetalliStripe March 26, 2016
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