To tear someone a new ass, to beat them to near death or to otherwise hurt someone to the point that they can not fight back.
When that little punk stole my beer, I could do nothing else but stomp a mudhole in his ass.
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
Verb. The act of removing a colostomy bag/apparatus and penetrating the opening with a penis for sexual gratification, as a prank, to prevent boredom, or instead of using a plunger. Penis can be replaced with any other thing that should get put in there; can also be stated as an act (Stomping a mudhole)
Since my buddy JJ was giving her a Cincinnati Bowtie already, I yanked her bag out and began to stomp a mudhole in her
by Druglord January 19, 2010
When you're eating at Taco Bell and get diarrhea, causing you to shit straight through your pants.
I had a stomping mudhole yesterday, it was so embarrassing
by ChildishBiscuitsGravy August 2, 2015
to kick the Bejesus out of somebody; to physically decimate or shred an individual.
When the tizzun referred to me as his "beeyotch," I stomped a mudhole in his ass and walked it dry.
by weave October 7, 2003