A word commonly used to express great surprise or fear.
You scared the BEJESUS out of me!!!
by Dan May 7, 2004
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a term that can be used with just about any phrase to add emphasis
I was shizzing last night and it burned the bejesus out of my ass.

I had a nightmare that I saw Todd naked and it scared the bejesus out of me.
by loyolacs August 20, 2002
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bejesus: be·je·sus
Variant(s): also be·jee·zus /bi-'jE-z&s, -'jA-, -z&z/
Etymology: alteration of by Jesus
Date: circa 1908
-- (interjection) used as a mild oath;
-- (noun) runny poop
You scured the bejesus out of me.
by ))<>(( April 23, 2006
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(n) A substance found in the human body that determines how close one is to becoming Jesus.
by Brent February 17, 2004
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1.Used in a phrase or an excalmation.
2. Can be shortened.
You scared the bejesus out of me!
I beat the bejes (buh-hace) out of him.
by Adnarim Nosaj November 20, 2003
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a mythical character resembling Jesus that appears when smoking marijuana
Bejesus and I are going to eat some pizza.
by The Chad April 2, 2003
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1. A small fictitious organ, often visible, found in the left shoulder of immature humans (children and some adults).
2. An exclamation of surprise, likely when one has been scared or startled. Induced by the bejesus leaping out of the body and sometimes running away in fear.
John: Your bejesus is showing.
Harold: Aw, crap - not again!

Bob: You scared the bejesus out of me!
Carl: It went over there.
by Nag Romius June 1, 2009
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