Short for 'Shut the Fuck Up and Get the fuck out'. Efficient way of telling someone they are not wanted.
Post 1 (n00b): OMG <Insert something> IS CHEAP AND OVERPOWERED AND WHOEVER USES IT R GAY BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS BEAT ME WITH IT *whine whine whine whine*

Post 2: OMG, please STFU & GTFO.
by Zlixar June 9, 2004
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Shut The Fuck Up,Get The Fuck Out Noob
Used to get someone out or stop talking
Eric: Hey guys do your math homewrok?
by HackerHippo October 29, 2007
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Words created by Annika J since 1997.

Stfu- shut the f*ck up.
gtfo- get the f*uck off or shorter terms get outta hurr.
Poop face- offensive word meant to hurt feelings of others but in a joking way.
"Stfu, Gtfo, Poop face"

Stfu don't talk to me.

Gtfo i hate you.

You Poop face.
by AnnikaJ. September 9, 2011
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OMFG WTF STFU GTFO N00B is the largest possible insult able to be used against old people who don't follow abbreviations in such a manner.

Standing for Oh my fucking god, shut the fuck up, get the fuck out n00b.

People over the age of thirty are baffled to what this even means when said like so.
Kid: Mother, can you make me pancakes for breakfast?
Mother: No, i'm already making you toast
Mother: ???
by maxmoefoe May 30, 2010
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Acronyms for Shut The Fuck Up, Get The Fuck Out and take your fail(ure) with you. Usually said after somebody ruined a serious discussion with something completely unnecessary, or said something stupid with false information.
poster 1: Can any one give me a link to urban dictionary?
poster 2:
poster 3: STFU, GTFO and take your phail with you.
by delta1238 April 9, 2008
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