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Unique and beutiful, Annika is one of the smartest and best looking girls that you'll ever meet. She is shy, and introverted, but once you get through to her, she is the most trustworthy friend that you'll ever have.And maybe more. ;)
Guy 1: Wait, you passed up an Annika? The hell is wrong with you?
Guy 2: Oh shit.
by Turtles:_dealwithit February 18, 2019
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Unique and eccentric, meeting an Annika is like crossing paths with a unicorn; rare, enchanting, and impressionable. Most people never meet her, and go their whole lives thinking she's a myth. Known for her artistic ability and extreme love for music, Annika is often busy day dreaming and stuck in her own little world. She is constantly reading, drawing, or singing. Annika loves all things creative and is highly influenced by nature. Although a bit awkward at times, Annika is beautiful, hilarious, and full of life.
"I think I just met an Annika."

"How do you know?"

"Well, she was standing next to that unicorn over there, and I've never seen one of those before either, so it must be her."

"You're right! I read somewhere that all Annika's ride unicorns. Let's go introduce ourselves!"
by StandOut December 26, 2012
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Tall, curvy, sweet, and reliable. Most people call her nice or loyal. Flirts unconsciously but isn't boy crazy, no not at all... ok maybe a little. Loves to sing and people probably enjoy it. She is shyer towards new people but once she warms up she gets crazy. Isnt ashamed that she has bad things about her and that she isn't perfect. Doesn't think she is pretty but is told otherwise ( and still doesn't believe). She almost always has golden blonde hair that she loves to whip in others faces. And if someone comes at her she isnt afraid to dish out some mean burns.
She is so nice, has blonde hair, and is tall... must be and Annika.
by Peepaw321 May 05, 2017
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A beautiful girl with hair as colorful as her personality. She is loud and effervescent. She is very talented, an incredible artist and gorgeous singer.
Wow, Annika is so amazing.
by cascochick June 29, 2018
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if you see a tall gorgeous girl that is creative then it’s most likely an annika. she is outgoing and everybody loves her. her sarcasm is out of this world. flirting without realizing is just a part of her life.. annika’s are the most fun type of people to be around. she loves old music and R&B and loves nature. overall annikas are usually the best kinda people
“wow is she an annika”
i think so she’s super gorgeous
by stopstopstopstop October 23, 2018
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Annika is a smart girl usually into nerdy stuff like Marvel and Astronomy. Annika’s like to read and love the city life but also like being outgoing and being basic. Annika is a type of girl who everyone loves to be around. She’s extremely independent and won’t rely on you unless she absolutely needs to. Annika’s listen to the best music and have a desire to make music too. Annika’s are great to be friends with or more than friends with ;)
wow did you see Annika today? She looks HOT
by cosmic lamp June 04, 2018
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