When two people say the same word or phrase simultaneously during a conversation (usually by coincidence), the word "stereo" would then be uttered immediately by one or both parties to acknowledge this phenomenon.
no real example here, just remember to say "stereo!" the next time you and someone else you are speaking with inadvertently say the same thing at the same time.
by Polo March 19, 2006
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Kind of blowjob, when one girl sucks your cock and another licks your balls.
(In the Nightclub)
W: Wanna have stereo just for 50 bucks? It's about me and my sister.

M: how can I refuse!
by Leha P August 6, 2008
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Interjection (akin to 'Amen')

(a) Emphatic agreement with a poignant statement or significant point.
(b) Fervent emphasis of a point that everyone should hear

Generally followed by an informal salutory noun (e.g., bro, brother, son, dawg, etc.)
Person A: "The war in Iraq has destroyed our relationship with the rest of the world, bred more terrorism, and crippled us in dealing with Iran and North Korea. It is one of the biggest debacles in U.S. history"

Person B: "Stereo, son!" (alternatively: "That's stereo, son!"
by B. Nott October 13, 2006
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Greatest place in the world! Home.
Dude, where did you go last night?
I went to stereo!
Wow, you are the coolest....
by elie October 22, 2005
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the act of pooping at full speed running.
devin was running the mile and pulled a stereo in front of the whole class
by brettistheman January 24, 2006
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A shitty, talentless, auto-tuned, sell-out band. They are from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They were on a show called disBAND on MuchMusic. After they passed on the show, they were asked to move to Toronto, by MuchMusic and were signed. Their single debuted at #2 on the Canadian Hot 100 based on the large amount of downloads in the first week. They changed their name and their sound, for mainstream fame, but STILL suck. Their fans are all usually fat, unattractive, 13 year-old, scene, bitty girls.
Stereos are a bad band, I'm not going to see them live tonight!
by senilebob May 8, 2010
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A three piece boy band all at the age of 16 that includes
Jakob Connor Delgado😜🍗
Ethan Leo Kaparthy👽🍍
Chris James Lanzon😎🍕
they have released two EPs since being on the X Factor last year
they are hot/sexy, hilarious and love their fans very much.
" NOOT NOOT !!! "
by Jethis June 17, 2016
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