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1) any beverage, most often one which is or contains alcohol.
2) "in the drink" - referring to something that is over and done with.
(from the golf term, a small body of water on the course where the ball will sometimes fall into).
one more year in the drink...so let's have one more drink, shall we?
by Polo January 1, 2005
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any type of decoration or accessory that sparks interest or curiousity among first-time onlookers.

Often they will ask questions regarding its origin, how you acquired it...etc. , thus leading to a conversation.
"I don't know how you got that Model T Ford in your living room, but I gotta say it does make an intersting conversation piece!"
by Polo September 7, 2004
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a means to an end, or an opportunity that can lead to "bigger and better" things
"she told me that even though she loves the company she works at, she hates the job she's at, but it's a stepping stone for something more lucrative."
by Polo March 26, 2007
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an expression which basically asserts that it is unnecessary (and often self-defeating) to be accompanied by someone of the opposite sex to an event where there are likely to be a significant amount of unattached people who are potentially looking for an opportunity to "hook up".

applies of course to those who are not married or not in a steady, long term relationship.

"so, are you going to Darren and Tracey's wedding? I hear there will be lots of hot singles there!"

"for sure. maybe I should bring along a date, what do you think?"

"no no no, my friend......remember....NEVER bring food to a buffet!"
by Polo January 5, 2006
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derogatory term for a person of Middle Eastern/East Indian descent.

"The downtown cabbies all seem to be rug riders these days."
by Polo November 7, 2003
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someone that's practically OCD when it comes to cleaning (their house or wherever they happen to be).
vaccuuming your house five times a day and making your guess put on slippers at the front door when they come in.
by Polo July 26, 2004
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someone who develops (generally inadvertently) a set pattern of doing the same thing(s) during a certain time period of the day, week etc.

the opposite of someone who is spontaneous or has the ability to exhibit spontaneity.
"My father tended to be a creature of habit, especially during the weekend. For example, every Saturday morning, for as far back as I can remember, he would walk to the corner store, fetch the paper and read it at the breakfast table for approximately two hours. And every Sunday afternoon, without fail, he would take a drive out into the country, rain or shine."
by Polo January 27, 2008
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