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something that takes an unusually significant amount of time and/or effort to complete.

-commonly referring to a common household item that requires some sort of installation or assembly, but is unnecessarily complicated and/or contains instructions that are not easily understood by a person with average intelligence or insight.
"these windshield wipers are a pain in the ass to install! why do they make the things that should be the simplest of tasks a f@#$%ing engineering project??!?!"

what the hell ever happened to "insert tab A into slot B" ??
by Polo December 10, 2005
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partaking in pointless or aimless activity; fooling around
"stop all this snotting around and get back to work!"
by Polo March 7, 2007
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a means to an end, or an opportunity that can lead to "bigger and better" things
"she told me that even though she loves the company she works at, she hates the job she's at, but it's a stepping stone for something more lucrative."
by Polo March 26, 2007
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When two people say the same word or phrase simultaneously during a conversation (usually by coincidence), the word "stereo" would then be uttered immediately by one or both parties to acknowledge this phenomenon.
no real example here, just remember to say "stereo!" the next time you and someone else you are speaking with inadvertently say the same thing at the same time.
by Polo March 19, 2006
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to disregard any risk or potential disaster when undertaking any enterprise, venture, etc.
The founders of the American-based fast-food chain, McDonald's, decided to throw caution to the wind when they established their original franchises in the 1930s, during the Great Depression.
by Polo May 7, 2007
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an assignment or task which is difficult or seems impossible to accomplish.
completing that paper and submitting it on time proved to be a tall order, since I only had less than a week to do it...that's the last time I leave anything until the last minute!
by Polo May 1, 2007
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to accentuate or embellish the positive; selling the benefits; upselling
In order to sell a travel package to a certain impoverished third world nation, the sales agent found that she had to sugarcoat the scenario by emphasizing such aspects as the resort's amenities and the region's year-round tropical climate.
by Polo September 28, 2006
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