the act of farting on both sides of a person
Damnit......john and sarah just stereo farted me, it sucks to sit in between them
by the chewbaca hunter October 15, 2011
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1. The Feeling You Have Towards A Person When You Hear A Song With Them; 2. The Person That Inspires You To Write Music; 3. The Person You Think Of While Composing Music.
When I Write Love Songs I Always Think Of Sally, She's My Stereo Love.
by DaWonder23 February 20, 2011
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A jumbled pronunciation of the word "Scissors", which could easily replace the word itself. Dual-channel cutting.
Yo holmes, pass me the stereo knife, I have to cut my face out of all these pictures.
by Blackfilm October 19, 2010
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An octoboyband (#sweg) created on The X Factor Uk, season 11, on which they placed 5th. They were mentored by Louis Walsh. The band consists of Jake Sims, James Graham, Barclay Beales, Casey Johnson, Tom Mann, Reece Bibby, Charlie Jones, and Chris Leonard. #SKAF
Stereo Kicks is bae.
Stereo Kicks is the best thing since forever.
by Lazygurl33 March 8, 2015
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The first level of Geometry Dash and if you have more than 200 attemps and havent completed it stop playing the game.
Stereo Madness is easy
by turtleboifortnite February 3, 2022
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a lesbian who's interests, appearence and personality are generally congruent with every lesbian cliche/joke ever heard, positive or otherwise. tends to set off everyone and their grandmother's gaydar within a two mile radius. used as an insult.
man, shelly's such a stereo-dyke... she's had the same crew-cut for fifteen years, practically lives in those birkenstocks, coaches the women's softball team, and won't listen to anything that's not ani or the indigo girls.
by dagger_grrl December 10, 2003
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The act wherein at least two parties believe an individuals musical taste supercedes another and counts down on the cd display to replace anothers selection. Violence is commonly associated with stereo wars please see prison rules
"Keelie has maintained Madonna's Erotica album is worthy of an entire listen from beginning to end. Skye uses elbows to remove Keelie from cd loading area to insert Bee Gees Best of loading staying alive"

"Jimbo: STEREO WARS!!!!"
by Keelie Bear February 24, 2009
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