Only the best alcoholic beverage known to me. doesnt give you hangovers or make you vomit. Just sometimes. Very difficult to take more the 12 shots of.
I Love Hot 100, them shits is so tasty i could drink it forever
by Big to the Dan March 8, 2006
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The United States single's popularity chart. Compiled by airplay (radio play), single sales, and digital sales (legal downloads)
Sadly dominaited by Hip-Hop and Rap.
I can't believe Kanye west got so many weeks at #1 with Gold Digger on the Hot 100!
by lolz1234567 December 10, 2005
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where bts will never get another entry:
bts tanked🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣😭😭😭💀💀💀 life goes on only spent 3 weeks on the billboard Hot 100🤣😭🤣😅🙄🤣😍🤤🛼🌟😈🤮😂🤣😞😌😢🌟HDBDBDHEJ+$+$+$72;$
by olivia bensonola March 10, 2022
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A very lit and awesome type of music to listen to.
I'm listening to Drake's new song on the Hot 100 Billboard.
by dangnuggets June 24, 2016
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