Interjection (akin to 'Amen')

(a) Emphatic agreement with a poignant statement or significant point.
(b) Fervent emphasis of a point that everyone should hear

Generally followed by an informal salutory noun (e.g., bro, brother, son, dawg, etc.)
Person A: "The war in Iraq has destroyed our relationship with the rest of the world, bred more terrorism, and crippled us in dealing with Iran and North Korea. It is one of the biggest debacles in U.S. history"

Person B: "Stereo, son!" (alternatively: "That's stereo, son!"
by B. Nott October 13, 2006
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What Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson 'thought' he was accused of taking after doping accusations were made about him.
Olympic committee : " Mr. Johnson, is it true that you took steroids ? "

Ben Johnson : " I didnt take no stereo. "
by Fullskiddd August 03, 2010
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Dude, where did you go last night?
I went to stereo!
Wow, you are the coolest....
by elie October 22, 2005
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the act of pooping at full speed running.
devin was running the mile and pulled a stereo in front of the whole class
by brettistheman January 23, 2006
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