A three piece boy band all at the age of 16 that includes
Jakob Connor Delgado😜🍗
Ethan Leo Kaparthy👽🍍
Chris James Lanzon😎🍕
they have released two EPs since being on the X Factor last year
they are hot/sexy, hilarious and love their fans very much.
" NOOT NOOT !!! "
by Jethis June 17, 2016
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To have two people of the same name in the same room at the same time. Or two of anything for that matter.
Two guys named justin walk into a room,
Holy Shit Justin in stereo.
by Babyfart Mcgeezax June 28, 2009
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a radio or a great band named stereos that was first discovered on a television show named disband.
now are famous by they`re hit song summer girl.
girl:Have you heard about the new band from disband?
guy: whats the bands name?
guy:yea there awesome!
by Katrina12 July 27, 2009
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Check out that stereo. There is a good stereo over there.
by Miloden February 17, 2011
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a three piece boy band from Sydney who started on the x factor. the members include

Ethan Connor Karpathy

Jakob Leo Delgado
Christopher James Lanzon
They have two EP's Shes Rock n Roll and The Speed Of Sound.
they are very hot and they are some of the most caring guys on the planet and love their fans to death.
girl 1: omg in stereo are the best in the world and they won the kids choice award
girl 2: i know they bet 5sos that is crazy i'm so proud of them
by lowkeystereonator March 25, 2017
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The act of presenting both points of view in regards to a problem or controversial issue.

Aside from the first few seasons, South Park episodes can be called In Stereo.

"I love old South Park episodes, but I also love how the new South Park episodes are In Stereo."
by B.Malones September 11, 2008
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What Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson 'thought' he was accused of taking after doping accusations were made about him.
Olympic committee : " Mr. Johnson, is it true that you took steroids ? "

Ben Johnson : " I didnt take no stereo. "
by Fullskiddd August 3, 2010
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