pieces of plant in dried marijuana that cannot be smoked, must be taken out in order to keep from making holes in the rolling paper/blunt wrap before smoking.
Be careful to take out the stems, they'll ruin all the hard work you put into rolling your blunt.
by nigga please April 19, 2004
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Heidi has some nice stems.
Bring those stems here Heidi.
by Z July 2, 2003
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In the lesbian world, a girl who is caught between a Stud and a Femme.
Did you see the way Steph was dressed? She is definitely considered a Stem.
by taylk January 14, 2011
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Stemming itself, is the act of anal sex, whilst the "receiver" has chronic, unstoppable diarrhoea, therefore "stemming" the flow. Beware of projectile sprays, and the preparation of plastic sheeting beforehand is a very commonly held practice.

Stemming is something beautiful that occurs between either straight couples, or gay men. It is generally the man, or the "daddy" doing the stemming, as the woman needs an extra attachment to make it work, therefore making it less popular.

Warning: Be conscious of causing an unintentional rose-bud, or pink sock. These events are widely known to be very disconcerting.
Example 1;

Man 1 enters room, and gags/vomits uncontrollably, "Oh my god, this room is vile... and the smell!"

Man 2, "Oh yeah, I brought this filthy bitch back last night and I was stemming her all night... I should probably clean this mess up."

Example 2;

Man 1, "Did I tell about what happened last night? Oh dear... My girlfriend had chronic diarrhoea for hours, and the only thing I could think of to stop it was shoving my cock in her arse!"

Man 2, "Urgh?!? Really?! You stemmed her?"

Man 1, with a big shitty grin on his face, "Yeah, it did surprise her... and she's still cleaning up the mess now. Haha!"

Man 2, "Filthy bitch."
by MasterNameless July 11, 2011
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Gams; sexy or lovely long, slender female legs.
"The best part of an true bette is her smokin' hot stems."

"Dude, check out the Maria coming this way!! What epic stems!!"

"Sheryl Crow has the world's greatest pair of stems!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 2, 2010
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A mini hard-on. Gotten when aroused in a place where you probably should not be aroused. You body won't allow for a full erection, so you feel a stem grow in your pants.
I was telling my boys about this hot chick that bent over in church, and I could see her tramp stamp. My bud asked me if I caught a stem. And I said. No doubt!
by dehubb133 August 23, 2008
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formely associated to (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), it refers to a a hot, smart bitch
I'm going to Harvard to get some stem bitches!
by Arzorc December 16, 2014
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