A lesbian who dresses like a guy but still wears make - up and has long hair. Tom boy in appearance but still has a fem side to her. Likes masculine things and activities.
Damn, she is hot with her tomboy clothes and girly looks, I bet that stem lesbian gets all the hot girls!
by Hot lesbian 95 April 10, 2018
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a result of crack addiction where the user neglects food and becomes very thin
(like slim fast, only with a crack stem)
take a look at that skinny motherfucker askin people for change, dude's gotta be on stem fast
by peanuts and corn May 5, 2006
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If one more movie critic tries to publicly decipher this again I will hysterically vomit with rage.

I don't think your average cowboy has a clear concept of Shakespearean ethereal love.

"Stemming the Rose" in this crowd means planting your stem (penis) in someone's rosebud (anus). Get it?
I like to pull her knees up to her ears, stem the rose and finish with a Dirty Sanchez. Then we order pizza.
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1.shitty weed
2.very dry and falls apart easily
3.mostly unusable pot
"hell no man, i dont want no sticks and stems!"
"man that a'int sticky, thats sticks and stems"(coined by ludacrious)
by po-po NC March 31, 2006
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The greatest gays palace ever--some times confused with a school for boys only but, duhhh. People there are just awesome and kinda big-headed. This place has the finest brains ever existed in addition to some boogerheads and shitty-asses. If you wanna join this community you have to solemnly swear that you are not going to tell any foreigners about the horrendous habits of the people living there.

Many people insult it but that's only because they are jealous.
Boy: Have you heard about STEM October?

Britney: hey, Jas, how do you feel about STEM October's boys?
Jasmine: shush!! They may rape you if they see you!!
by TheCousinePotato July 26, 2019
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The 'smart' school of the Downingtown Area School District. It is a magnet school, where the students are stolen from their parent schools. Students attending this school almost all go through the IB program. Because of this, students here believe themselves to be superior to those of their parent schools Downingtown West and Downingtown East. These students have little to no social life, and find it difficult to make it through a conversation without complaining about the classes they are taking, and how they are so much more difficult than what others do. Students here especially try to exclude others by giving weird names to the parts of their building such as calling the cafeteria the "Stuco" and library the "Knoco", and using acronyms unnecessarily.

The teachers here range from amazing to incapable of actually teaching. It is most well-known for an incident last year which led to the Dean being fired and proclaiming he was "as gay as the day is long and twice as sunny."
Person from West: Hey, how's it going?

Person from STEM: You literally can't even understand. You get off easy with your inferior AP Program. The IB is actually killing me. I have a Mock IA to write, Paper 2 Assessment to study for, My IB tests are in a month, and Java City in the StuCo was out of my favorite coffee.

Person from West: That sucks I guess, but you made the choice to go to stop.

Person from STEM: I don't even know why I chose STEM! My one teacher still teaches me AP, and another teacher doesn't even teach me at all! I'm dropping out of Downingtown STEM!!!!!!
by anonymousjunior May 7, 2018
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The Downingtown STEM academy is a place where dreams go to die. The best and brightest kids are crippled socially, choosing to live under the 'cooperative and project based environment'.

Anyone who wants to maintain a set of extracurriculars and social events will be stuck staying up until 1 AM as the teachers don't give 2 shits about your well being.

The electives are a joke, and in 11th grade you essentially have to choose a career from their pool of 5.

Your GPA will get ruined unless you study constantly. Both of the other high schools are better. Even Downingtown West.
Kid 1: Hey how are you liking the STEM Academy?

Kid 2: Well, I chugged 2 redbulls and stayed up until 1 PM doing Biology. I love it!

Kid 1: Are you sure that's healthy?

Kid 2: Well, my teacher said that 2 hours of sleep is fine for someone my age.

Kid 1: Uhh...
by ahoymeboy February 15, 2017
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