Stemming itself, is the act of anal sex, whilst the "receiver" has chronic, unstoppable diarrhoea, therefore "stemming" the flow. Beware of projectile sprays, and the preparation of plastic sheeting beforehand is a very commonly held practice.

Stemming is something beautiful that occurs between either straight couples, or gay men. It is generally the man, or the "daddy" doing the stemming, as the woman needs an extra attachment to make it work, therefore making it less popular.

Warning: Be conscious of causing an unintentional rose-bud, or pink sock. These events are widely known to be very disconcerting.
Example 1;

Man 1 enters room, and gags/vomits uncontrollably, "Oh my god, this room is vile... and the smell!"

Man 2, "Oh yeah, I brought this filthy bitch back last night and I was stemming her all night... I should probably clean this mess up."

Example 2;

Man 1, "Did I tell about what happened last night? Oh dear... My girlfriend had chronic diarrhoea for hours, and the only thing I could think of to stop it was shoving my cock in her arse!"

Man 2, "Urgh?!? Really?! You stemmed her?"

Man 1, with a big shitty grin on his face, "Yeah, it did surprise her... and she's still cleaning up the mess now. Haha!"

Man 2, "Filthy bitch."
by MasterNameless July 11, 2011
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A situation in which the consumption of alcohol has caused the "higher" brain functions to cease leaving only those operations controlled by the brain stem such as heartbeat and breathing.
Wow man, look at Joe. After that twelve pack he is really stemming (sitting in a corner drooling)
by Craig A. Burnside December 3, 2005
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The act of rubbing two penises against each other like two pieces of wood starting a campfire.
Eve got everyone cast out of Eden bc she was being a triflin' ho. It was cold outside of the garden but their reaction towards Eve moreso as they gave her the cold shoulder. So Adam and Steve decided to embrace each other for warmth. They pressed up against each other. But their tallywhackers were hanging and get cold from the wind. So they grabbed them and started stem-on-stemming for frictional warmth because no one wants a freezing dildo up their asshole. They took turns parking their canes in each other while laying on the back of the other to keep them warm.
by The Anticlown April 19, 2017
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A mix of an stud and fem
She dresses like an stud and fem. O she's a stem.
by JerSeyStuD September 17, 2006
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An acronym for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Math." Sometimes used to describe someone in a social profile.
I'm usually only attracted to STEM types.
by greyrobe August 20, 2012
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Multi-tracks of songs, each instrumental track is a different file that can be opened in an audio program and be used to make remixes, etc.
Sweet, all The Beatles stems from the Rock Band game. Time to make a remix of Yellow Submarine.
by Formina Sage January 5, 2011
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A stem is a lesbian that dresses a cross between the stud look and a femme look. May also be referred to as stemme. Stems are very appealing.
Typical attire that a stem will wear consists of a v-neck shirt, jeans, and vans shoes.
by treehugger7 November 9, 2010
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