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the hottest people on earth; they have large penises and are very attractive.
gina: hey what are you doing tonight?

amanda: fucking the Statens!

gina: wow their dicks are so big you're not gonna be able to walk tomorrow!
by statenlover69 December 28, 2010
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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People with extremely small dicks, can’t even hold them properly.
Girl 1: Where you going?

Girl 2: to fuck the statens?

Girl 1: girl you can’t even hold them dicks right they so small.
by Itstrueseenitformyself November 03, 2020
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An adjective used to describe something guido or overly trendy in the image of the Staten Island style - the borough that wishes it was part of NYC but just isn't.
That northface jacket is so staten!
by Not From NY October 18, 2005
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People who are very dirty and have small dicks.
Oh what is that staten?
Yeah they got small dicks
by Itstrueseenitformyself November 03, 2020
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A better demonym for USA citizens, as the previous one "American" can also refer to the 3 Americas aka the ENTIRE continent.

Also spelled Stadens
Canadian: Yo that American is so wack

South American: Oy, no Perlwa, the preferred term is Statens, since I myself am also American.

Perlwa: pardon my accent, these Stadens are so wack
by Taylen Wish March 27, 2021
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