the hottest people on earth; they have large penises and are very attractive.
gina: hey what are you doing tonight?

amanda: fucking the Statens!

gina: wow their dicks are so big you're not gonna be able to walk tomorrow!
by statenlover69 December 29, 2011
The ritual abuse of the truth in order to forward the agenda of the oldest ecclesiastic, hierarchical control matrix still in power today via Vatican based Masonic clubs of Rome and their Propoganda 2, Blue Lodge office (i.e. the source for Reuters news outlet & others).

All robed priests of the black cloth of the Templars of banking, the courts and every church system are Roman/Saturnian based satanist offshoots currently enjoying the status quo of public ignorance of the Saturnian "Statenic" control matrix we are all internationally enslaved within. This is why the Kim Jong(s) of North Korea are friends with Trump and Dennis Rodman. Masonic population control groups using the false energy of fear to yield reactionary compliance to the continued evolution of Statenism and its growing leverage over global individual sovereignty.
"Statenism" is the ancient despotic art/ practice of maintaining the status quo in constant informational advantage over the populous by the better informed very few.
by Nickanomaly March 21, 2019
People with extremely small dicks, can’t even hold them properly.
Girl 1: Where you going?

Girl 2: to fuck the statens?

Girl 1: girl you can’t even hold them dicks right they so small.
by Itstrueseenitformyself November 4, 2020
An adjective used to describe something guido or overly trendy in the image of the Staten Island style - the borough that wishes it was part of NYC but just isn't.
That northface jacket is so staten!
by Not From NY October 19, 2005
The forgotten Borough where you've gotten into arguments with people who think Long Island is the fifth borough. You refer to Manhattan as 'the city'. You call the ferry "the boat". You can name all four bridges. Denino's Pizza and Ralph's Ices are the best summertime treats ---and you will wait on line for 45 minutes just for a vanilla chip ice! You've gone sledding at Latourette. There is only one mall... and it's called 'the mall.' It takes you a half hour to get to your friend's house... and they live less than a mile away. You know it's Prince's Bay, not Princess Bay. You would never swim in the water here. At least one of your relatives is fluent in Italian.
You or someone you know has more than one matching velour sweat suits in their closet. You can smell the dump from your house but you're so used to the smell that you don't notice it anymore. You've gotten into a screaming match over a parking spot. Someone you know has a lifetime membership to Tanning Loft. Everyone you know claims to be 'connected.' You've hung out in a parking lot. You know the difference between Richmond Rd., Richmond Ave., and Richmond Terrace. You know that 'Mike' owns all the good diners. You refer to every highway on the island as 'The Expressway.' You've been cut off by a souped up Honda Accord with earth shaking bass playing. You have chased someone for cutting you off just to give them the finger. A development of townhouses has recently sprung up in your neighborhood. The shocks in your car are shot because you hit pot holes every 2 feet. You have the need to look at the people in the car next to you when stopped at a red light to see if it someone you know. You know never to walk on South Beaches sand with out Shoes. You've seen Method Man in the Mall at least once. The Monastery and Sea View aren't scary, just another place to drink. You own a North Face jacket. Everybody and their mother has a Nextel. You wave at the weird leg guy when you pass the North Shore, and sometimes he waves back.
In Staten Island even the guys get their eyebrows waxed.
by Maddz April 4, 2006
slang for the borough of Staten Island in NYC, making reference to the high population of Italian citizens living there.
"Vinny crashed his IROC on Rte 440 in Staten Italy on his way to Gina's"
by Pbo July 14, 2005