A very ordinary looking car, but is surprisingly very reliable. This car will go through everything with you that involves travel. Most people that drive this car feel they are better than everyone else because they have had the same car for 20 years.
Guy #1: "Hey Guy #2, why do you drive your 15 year old Honda Accord around town for no reason? You just make yourself look like an ass."

Guy #2: "Hey man this car here is my baby, i got so attached to it, i named her Betty."

Guy #1: "You bastard!"
by Bob Bernstein December 11, 2010
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A reliable Japanese car. It has been around since 1976. Available in sedan and coupe models. Its main competitors are the Toyota Camry and the Nissan Altima. The best ones are probably the Accord and the Camry. Can beat any American sedan, because Toyota and Honda are the best car brands around
guy #1: I just got a Honda Accord, and it looks really nice
guy #2; I just got a Dodge Neon
guy #1: Nice crud. Get a Japanese car
by The Honda Man September 28, 2006
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The absolute best, most reliable, and all around excellent cars ever produced. Honda has a well-established reputation for being the most reliable car producer in the world, recognized by Consumer Reports magazine, with Toyota in second. These cars, when maintained, will outlive everything. Multiple engine and body upgrades are available at many places. Call it bias, but I would argue that the Honda Accord is the best car ever made, simply because of its longevity, its v-tec engine, its driver comfort and passenger room, handling, transmission, universiality, and ease of engine and performance upgrades.
" I have a Honda Accord, with 142,000 miles and its still kickin'"
by Cartmaniac July 7, 2009
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Simply one of the greatest cars ever created. During the day it’s hands down a great, reliable, efficient and good looking daily driver car
During the night, it’s high power VTEC K series engine is powerful enough to keep up with vehicles on the mountain pass, and also handles great
-I just got a 4:30 time on Akina In my Honda accord!
-Thats Pushin 🅿️
by BonkersBoi January 23, 2022
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Extremely reliable and well-engineered car for the masses. Excellent market focus and superb assembly have made this THE best selling car in North America for many years running.

We love it when people come into the $hop with a "competitive" American car complaining about low power and a smoky exhaust (worn rings, destroyed valve seals, and myriad other malfunctions) at only 60,000 miles, saying "I saved $1,500 and bought this (insert name of Ford, GM or Chrysler product in same market segment) instead of a Honda Accord."

Of course, over the "life" of their American car they will pay me many thousands more than they saved on the initial purchase price. Life is good!

Crappy American cars that TRY to match the reliability of a Honda Accord?...well, keep buying them, America. American cars that break down a lot keep my $hop and my six employees afloat with plenty of work! :-)

If it weren't for American cars, I'd be a two-man shop doing only preventative maintenance (oil and trans fluid changes, a/c checks, spark plug changes once every 100,000 miles, yada yada).
Customer: "My warranty just expired on this Dodge Stratus, and it won't run."
Mechanic: "The PCM failed completely. I can get a used PCM from a salvage yard for the same model year for only $250.00"
Customer: "A used one? This car is only 3 years old. Did the other guy wreck his Stratus?"
Mechanic: "No...he did regular oil changes, but his engine seized at 43,000 miles due to sludge buildup from poor Chrysler design of the oiling system. Oh, a new PCM from Chrysler is over $400.00, but no warranty since Chrysler doesn't warrant their OEM electrical parts."
Customer: "Maybe I'll get a Ford Focus..."
Mechanic: "Sure, why not." (Me smiling at a customer for life; if he bought a Honda Accord, we wouldn't be having this conversation)
by WheelsOnTheLine June 25, 2007
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the real pimp car, for more of the modest type, originally driven by white chocolate
by Roobz May 24, 2005
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Is the hotness car in the world. 75% of the people in brooklyn own one or have owned one.
My honda accord is the hotness car.
by Jay Dizzle March 17, 2005
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