Jewelry, apparel, accessories or bling that suggest an affiliation with a culture or lifestyle, or fanaticism with a celebrity associated with these items.
Lakewood Mall is all jewelry stores and athletic clothing; it would be a good place to buy your Mister T starter kit.
by ulyssesjoseph November 26, 2009
A BM starter kit is a set of clothing that young and uprising frat stars buy to begin living the frat life style. It was started by a young pike pledge and consists of polka dot bowties, chubbies, southern tide button downs, and ray bans. Oh and don't forget the sperry top siders.
A BM starter kit is any Rushie's clothing that is trying to become a pledge.
by Young lew July 6, 2013
A meaningless relationship between the ages of 12 and 15, in which you sit together at lunch and occasionally hold hands.
My starter-kit relationship consisted of touching her thigh...once.
by Trench-Town August 21, 2009
A kit that comes complete with plastic frame glasses, black hair dye, eyeliner, rubber braclets, a black tee shirt, straight razors, and a Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday cd.
Jake: Did you see Lisa yet dude? What the fuck happened to her over the summer?
Ted: Girl picked up the emo starter kit.
by PrincessPuffinMuffin February 12, 2010
When someone wears more than one thick gold (or faux gold) chain necklace at a time. Usually accompanied by too much cologne and a "Hey Baby" attitude.
Man #1: "Hey, check out the schmuck with the Mr. T started kit."
Man #2: "I pity the fool that thinks that looks good!"
by SnaggPDX November 18, 2004
A Drug Dealer Starter Kit consists of the following:

A) 1 ounce of marijuana
B) 9 plastic sandwich baggies
C) 5-10 local potheads
D) 100 to 300 dollars depending on quality and inflation


A)Beware of self-smokage; Ration supplies
B)Never leave a bag open; it not only dries out the marijuana, but it also leaves it open to those pesky security issues.
Sorry Ralphey but the Drug Dealer Starter Kit is for ages 13 and up, you'll have to wait a couple years.

Ralphey: I'm already saving my allowance for it. (Grin)
by Mikey T January 29, 2005
1. A Punk band rock band from Wooster , Ohio.

2. Someone who is not white trash who gets a hold of things (crystal meth , moonshine a camaro) that could potentially turn them into white trash.
1. White Trash Starter Kit is a punk band.

2. Matt - "I wouldn't smoke that if I were you."

Noah - "Why not."

Matt - " That right there is the first item on your kit."

Noah - "What kit!"

Matt - "The White Trash Starter Kit."
by Meatteo August 1, 2009