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When you have a non working phone (not a cell phone or portable, this is best with older phones) and you screw off the end with the reciever and stick your weed and/or hash in it.
Friend: Hey where do you stash your stash so your roomate doesn't pinch it?
Joe: The weed phone.
by PrincessPuffinMuffin February 12, 2010
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Home and orgin of the Oompa loompas.
AKA the tanning salon.
Me: "so I walked into Loompaland with my friend and the chick behind the counter was like 'OMG! you're like the palest person I've ever seen in here!!!' and I was like 'yeah well I like to remain people colored, especially when it's snowing out'.

(The above example actually happened. THe oompa loompa tried to stick me in its oven for 15 minutes)
by PrincessPuffinMuffin May 14, 2010
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a word used when something is really great that makes you excited, and it's so cool that phrases such as "wicked" and "super awesome x 1000" do not suffice and the above word is the best shit you could come you could come up with instead.
"I can't even tell you how good last night was, the most unbelievable shit happened! it was... it was..... ...........Supergreatawesimazaingfantastifuckinlicious.... yeah... that's the best I got."
by PrincessPuffinMuffin April 16, 2010
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A kit that comes complete with plastic frame glasses, black hair dye, eyeliner, rubber braclets, a black tee shirt, straight razors, and a Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday cd.
Jake: Did you see Lisa yet dude? What the fuck happened to her over the summer?
Ted: Girl picked up the emo starter kit.
by PrincessPuffinMuffin February 12, 2010
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(verb) the act of a naked man wearing a sock on his penis in order to cover his junk... because somehow pants aren't good enough. This is especially funny if its a large man.... even better if he dances.
Dude, did you see greg at the party last night? He got so wasted he took off all his clothes and then pulled a sock-n-rock it for the rest of the night.... check youtube.
by PrincessPuffinMuffin June 17, 2010
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One who fucks puppets.
Friend 1: Did you hear about the guy that ran the puppet show? Total case of Hensonphilia.
Friend 2: Huh?
Friend 1: Carlos walked in on him ramming the bunny puppet.
by PrincessPuffinMuffin February 19, 2010
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