1) A small star.

2) A young aspiring moive star.
The astronomer saw a starlet that no others could see without a telescope.

Many celebrities are refered to as "starlets."
by Star February 19, 2005
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A Starlet is a gorgeous sexy woman who has an uproar of a personality. She loves to be in front of people, and definetley is good in front of people. A starlet could also be defined as a young prodigy and a young aspiring role model.
She became a starlet with her gorgeous looks and amazing talent.
by anonymousperson919 June 16, 2014
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noun :

A young (film) actress who is publicized as a future star.

This label has naught to do with talent, but rather level of publicity or Hollywood "buzz" this young female celebrity generates.

Also, more often than naught, performances by a starlet are painful to watch on screen.
Due to the starlet's outrageous beauty and a marketing onslaught bordering on mind-control propaganda, men everywhere now want the teen queen. (credit: Gregory Weinkauf)
by Maritess May 7, 2006
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A stunningly beautiful and promiscuous woman.
"I'm your little scarlet, starlet singing in the garden / Kiss me on my open mouth / Ready for you" --Lana Del Rey
"Scarlet Starlet and she's in my bed" -Red Hot Chili Peppers
by LRivs October 15, 2013
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What you become when you form a band and win Battle of the Bands according to Teen Girl Squad.
"Worldwide Starlets get much boys ... or so I have read."
by Scarlett February 2, 2005
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The ultimate favourite chav mobile. Even though Toyota stopped manufacturing these puppies before the millenium, they still roam, or should i say speed, through our streets on a daily basis all pimped out to the maxxx laaaa with the double exhausts and the spoiler, and the multicoloured respray. Usually driven by a G-Star wearing hoodlum whose trying to impress the chavilicious bleach blonde babes who stand on street corners selling their sex and dripping in the ever so stylish gold creole gypo earrings, and we cannot forget, the FRED PERRY HOODIES LAAAAAK. Those who do not own Toyota Starlets can only hope that those who do own them do not rip the tripe outta the engine before it's passed onto the next Chav, probably called Andre Scott, so that they can drive round and therefore continue the cycle of being a bombastic chav listening to ATB-'Til I Come at full blast.
Grace: OHMEGOD, have you seen Scatty's new wheels laaaaa? They're well bling bling. Toyota Starlets are well fiittt.

Taylor: Their masssssssshup man, canny wait for a steaming hot ridin' sesh in thon yoke laaaaaaaa.

Grace:Yea mateeee, he's taking me for a spin after his shift ends in the chippy laaaaa.

Taylor:AOOOOOOOW smelling all fishy and chippy laaa, you won't be able to take yo' smackas off him babes.
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The most down to earth girl you know. Loyal, trendsetter, go getter, life of the party, and you can only find her in greatness!
Get you a Starlet Monee.
by November 24, 2021
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