Meaning Gangster.
Used on clothing brands such as "G-star Raw".
The word often causes hayfever in some pigs.
Ellis iz a G-star.
Sealz are G-stars.
Tom iz a G-star.
U iz not a G-star.
by SEAL-TING May 28, 2007
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An abbreivitation on the word gangster or gangsta. Commonly used by people taking the piss. Also can be written g-sta
Hey look, its a group or g-stas, lets throw stones at them!!
by Mista G. February 21, 2005
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Another Word For Gangster
yeahhhh bludd, were soo G Star
ShortE "Yoo Blud, Don' Thinkin Ya G Star.
Or I'm a gon'open a can of whoop'ass on y'all."
Lil A " Ite Rudeboyy."
by ShortE && Lil A $ick August 20, 2008
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a school full of pot heads and irrational staff members. this school is located in palm beach fl, if you want to get high for cheap, attend this school. g-star is also a school of the arts for motion pictures & broadcasting. the kids at the school usually use the cameras to shoot porn-o's and cheesey music videos.
girl one: man, im broke but i want to get high, also i'm a highschool student & i hate my schoool.

girl two: dude, come to g-star highschool.
by jay.d May 26, 2010
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These mfs called the broski g stars be the most mf ever to roam this planet earth they are a different breed of savage and da given at alll don’t fuck with these people they will smash ur head in
‘Have you heard of the broski g stars’?
‘ no but someone said they have big willys
(These mfs r racist n homophobic)
by The real mothafuckin g October 6, 2021
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