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A romantically inclined man who is well endowed and extremely advanced in the art of love making. Is easily smitten by blonde women who have ambitions and are driven to succeed in powerful professions. His dreams are big, but his bank account and penis are bigger. He loves hockey and the female form, hates the musical artist Bjork, loves to dance to rave music, and is a liberal. If he wants he can grow a mean beard, but he chooses not to because it itches. He balances this manliness by liking the movie "Love Actually". If it came down to a battle between a Grizzly Bear and a Weinkauf, the bets would favour the Weinkauf, as he fights like Chuck Norris.

A woman can also be a Weinkauf, but then the definition changes to a respected member of her family and community.
Guy #1: Did you see that guy in the locker room?! Wow, that thing was huge!
Guy #2: Yup, he sure was a Weinkauf!

Girl #1: I'm in Love with the best man you can find on earth!
Girl #2: Awe, you obviously found a Weinkauf! You're sooo lucky! They're impossible not to love!
by Go Oilers! November 23, 2011
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