The act of not being interested, not liking something.
Jimmy and Jay were throwing back fireball shots acting childish there for BrJimmy and Jay were throwing back fireball shots acting childish therefore Brea was unimpressed.
by Jay123678 December 13, 2019
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the state of not being impressed by a person or the action they performed.
this is a face of unimpressment.

i am unimpressed with your actions
by karrrraaaahhh August 9, 2010
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When I couldn't find unimpressive in the urban dictionary my first thought was "that's an unimpressive dictionary."
by Alexander Smart July 20, 2018
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when something is not funny enough or not up to calebs high standard of humour
sam and brady: tommy look at this funny wank graph
the robo: BOSS NIGHT

caleb: *caleb unimpressed face*
by Robobobodaman May 13, 2021
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“I already told you my dick is decidedly unimpressive.”

“It’s like a volcano in the Adirondacks.”
by Whimsyravioli July 24, 2018
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A moment between two people, when one person is unimpressed with the other person. OMJ.
the woman who was doing my hair didn't seem impressed with all my pretty sure i jiggled at one point of laughter oops i forgive her moment of unimpressment...
by Omj...barrison September 29, 2011
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