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to stangle or be stangled by friend or foe. is while screwin your lady friend they sneak up on you, and then tickles your dangly balls. thus stangled.
while i was screwin my bitch, ken came in and totally stangled me. NOT cool.
by lobsterbush August 19, 2005
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The term was invented in a conversation at Clinton Dining Hall at SUNY Plattsburgh about the arbitrary nature of an object's assigned word.

Dave- Why is a fork called a fork? Why isn't it called a stangle?

Justin- Uh, because it's a fork?

Dave- But it's so arbitrary. All right, from now on I'm going to refer to any fork as a stangle.

Justin- Dude, you're weird.
by DaveSUNY September 08, 2011
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a girl similar to a skank; she might stank; maybe wasn't loved enough as a child so she looks for love in all the wrong places; trouble maker; not someone you wanna be seen talking too; uber slutty; tries to hard; not very pretty; furture stripper
eww! you got drunk and made out with that stangle?! you better go to the doctor and check for herpies after you wipe that silver lipstic with purple liner (gross) off your face!
by jj fad January 25, 2005
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A good case of STFU.
1: "You need a stangle."
2: "You mean a strangle*?"
1: "No, stangle."
2: "What's that even mean?"
1: "It means to STFU."
by Leoster November 13, 2010
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To express irritation of another person by the use of a ceremonial poker that is scalding hot.
guy one: wanna hang today?
guy two: naw ive gotta go to the doctor. my girlfriend stangled me last night because i left the toilet seat up
by danamanda March 24, 2009
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