The key to a cold, refreshing and delicious paradise.
The worst thing to forget when going camping.
One lads night out in a tent...
Jake: "Finally, now where's that bottle opener!?"
Bill: "<Rummage> OH SHIT!"
Jake: "You wonky bollocks bastard!"
by Jeffrey Douglas December 4, 2006
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In the doggy style position ...when a woman yells at you during the act of sex that you are a pussy and that is all you got!!!! You proceed to take a unopened beer(corona works the best) jam in in her ass, slam it down and rotate it clockwise. Step back, grab you clothes and give her the PEACE sign after you tap you chest and say PEACe OUT. you leave her trembling there naked on all fours trying to get it out. When she does the beer will opened for her enjoyment
After she yelled at Tony to be a man during sex, Tony proceeded to use the bottle opener and left for the night
by jimbocoles56 April 3, 2007
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When a woman from Amsterdam forces her male partner to insert a cork into his rectum before any intercourse has taken place. Upon climax, she removes the cork, causing an expulsion of 2 bodily fluids at the same time. This is often followed by the woman rolling around in the male's feces/semen mixture and pleasuring herself.
Ian's friend Dan had the bottle opener performed on him for the first time unwittingly while visiting Amsterdam.
by MacGyver1138 August 25, 2006
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term used to describe a girl(sometimes a softball player) whose pussy is so tight, it can be used to open a bottle; usually an exaggeration
Hey, its the 1st basemen for the softball team, she's so tight, shes a bottle-opener!
by §teve July 7, 2005
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When a man wraps his legs around a girld and ejaculates in her mouth and screams "I have herpies".
Jane and I had the best Alaskan Bottle Opener last night.
by Michael Ryzuk October 19, 2011
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when a female opens a bottle with her vagina
I ordered a corona from the bar and the waitress opened it using the california bottle-opener
by ibmakinallday October 31, 2006
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